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Fry Alphabetical Index


Agnes A Fry 1913- [f.]

Agnes Amelia Fry 1868-1940 m. Albert Smeed 1868-1944 [f.3.1.9]

Alan Barnett Fry 1915-2004 m. Evelyn Joan Welch 1917-2009 [f.]

Alan Desmond Fry- [f.]

Albert Edward Fry 1856-1890 m. Harriett Annie Grove 1853-1893 [f.2.6.8]

Albert Edward Fry 1884-1954 m. Rose Marion Barnett 1882-1958 [f.]

Albert Edward Fry 1902-1974 [f.]

Albert Fry 1873-1938 m. Lydia Oliver 1870-1951 [f.]

Albert Fry 1882-1965 m. Elizabeth Hudson 1895-1970 [f.7.6.4]

Albert Percy Fry 1911-1989 m. Olive Rosina May 1912-1990 [f.]

Alfred Charles Fry 1877-1921 m. May Florence Burns 1878- [f.]

Alfred Frederick Fry 1858-1929 m. (1) Sophia Trussler c1850-1903 (2) Anne Jane Ottaway 1860- [f.3.1.6]

Alice Fry 1881- [f.]

Alice Fry 1880-1964 m. Samson Dale 1878-1954 [f.7.4.7]

Alice Sarah Fry 1860-1895 m. Thomas Jesse Smallpiece 1849-1925 [f.2.6.9]

Allan Frederick Fry 1927- m. Phyllis Elizabeth Yule 192-2004 [f.]

Ann Fry 1800-

Ann Fry 1800- m. William Martin 1796-<1861 [f.6]

Anne Fry 1831-<1866 m. William Fry 1820-1893 [f.2.8]

Anne Fry 1845-1904 m. Henry Summersell c1833-1883 [f.2.3.4]

Anne Fry 1854-1855 [f.2.6.7]

Anne Jane Fry 1851-1888 m. Ebenezer Huggett 1854-1909 [f.3.1.2]

Annie Fry c1900-c1909 [f.]

Annie Harriet Fry 1876- m. Albert Henry Jeffery c1874-1931 [f.]

Anthony Fry 1921-1995 m. Muriel Agnes Brown 1916-1995 [f.]

Arthur Edward Fry 1860- [f.3.1.7]

Arthur Fry 1874-1905 [f.7.4.3]

Arthur John Fry 1848-1925 m. Elizabeth Cox 1848- [f.2.6.4]

Arthur William Blakebrough Fry 1874-1948 m. Lizzie Minnie Pitchess 1879-1961 [f.]

Arthur William Fry 1889-1970 m. Agnes Lewin [f.]

Arthur William Fry 1912-1982 m. Nancy Kathleen Madden ?-1994 [f.]

Augustus Frederick Fry 1882-1934 m. Florence May Oliphant 1879-1969 [f.]

Bernard O Fry 1913-1985 m. Doris F Bond [f.]

Caroline Fry 1846-1873 m. James Goodwin 1837-1902 [f.2.6.3]

Catherine Fry c1854- [f.3.1.4]

Cecil Alfred Fry 1909-1909 [f.]

Cedric Oliphant Fry 1918-2002 [f.]

Charley Fry 1880- [f.]

Constance Fry 1914- m. Reginald Lewis [f.]

Daisy May Fry (Waters) 1878-1953 m. Thomas Henry Cooper 1874- [f.]

Daisy Mary A Fry 1912- [f.]

Daisy Violet Fry 1909-1910 [f.]

Daphne Halcyon Fry 1919-2003 m. Davide Eric Dollery -2004 [f.]

David Lacey Fry 1905- [f.]

Doris Ada Wenham Fry 1896- [f.]

Dorothy Bradley Fry 1892- [f.]

Dorothy Ena Fry 1906- [f.]

Dorothy Fry 1916-1999 m. (1) Alfred Gander (2) Charles Scutt [f.]

Edith Ellen Fry 1877-1901 m. George Robert Wenham 1875-1953 [f.2.1.6]

Edith Esther Fry 1896- [f.]

Edith Harriett Fry 1867-1931 m. William Thomas Pledge 1869-1935 [f.3.1.8]

Edith Mary Fry 1910- [f.]

Edith Sarah Fry 1886-1966 [f.]

Edward Victor Fry 1887-1955 m. Maria Parry 1890-1927 [f.]

Edward Fry 1750-

Edward Fry 1819-1860 m. Maria Monk (nee Ray) 1809-1880 [f.2.5]

Edwin George Fry 1870-1956 m. Esther Bonwick 1868-1942 [f.3.1.10]

Edwin Louis Fry 1894- [f.]

Eileen Olive Fry 1904- m. Reginald C L White [f.]

Eliza Alice Fry 1864-1902 m. George Hurren 1854-1919 [f.]

Elizabeth Agnes Fry 1877-1902 [f.7.6.2]

Elizabeth Alice Fry 1865 m. Edwin Stemp c1867- [f.]

Elizabeth Fry 1791-1871 m. William Stone 1787-<1871 [f.4]

Elizabeth Fry 1816-1862 m. James Quickenden 1805-1896 [f.2.4]

Elizabeth Fry 1841-1911 m. John Hudson 1837-1912 [f.7.3]

Elizabeth Fry 1843-1918 m. Joseph Pennifold 1841-1916 [f.2.3.3]

Elizabeth Fry 1872-1950 m. (1) Jesse James Hogsflesh 1863-1917 (2) Arthur Longhurst c1865-1939 [f.7.4.2]

Elizabeth Fry 1913- m. Andrew Larsen [f.]

Elizabeth Nora Fry 1923- m. Denis Charles Charman [f.]

Elsie Elizabeth Fry 1905- [f.]

Emily Fry 1886-1933 m. George Edmund Hudson 1874-1943 [f.7.4.8]

Emily Georgiana Fry 1862-1863 [f.2.6.10]

Emily Mary Fry 1875-1962 m. James Greenfield 1870-1922 [f.7.6.1]

Emma Fry 1842-1854 [f.2.6.1]

Enid Victoria Fry 1922-1939 [f.]

Ernest Henry Fry 1908- [f.]

Esther Charlotte Fry 1852-1914 m. Thomas Knight 1838-1910 [f.3.1.3]

Esther Maud Fry 1885-1886 [f.]

Evelyn Fry 1917- Raymond Banwell [f.]

Florence Zillah Fry 1878-1970 [f.]

Frank Ernest Fry 1874-1911 m. Barbara Wilhelmina ? [f.]

Frederick Fry 1858-1932 m. Mary Anne Waters 1859-1908 [f.2.3.6]

Frederick Fry 1883-1887 [f.7.2.3]

Frederick Fry 1884- m. Rose Walker [f.]

Frederick Henry Fry 1900- [f.]

Frederick Samuel Fry 1880-1915 m. Alice Maud Witkowski c1882- [f.]

Frederick William Fry 1850-1862 [f.2.6.5]

Frederick William Fry 1909- m. Phyllis Ellen Groom 1909-1999 [f.]

George Frederick Fry 1908- [f.]

George Fry 1844-1929 m. Mary Ann Sophie Blackman 1845-1933 [f.2.1.4]

George Fry 1834-1865 [f.3.3]

George John Fry 1862-1885 [f.]

Gladys Barbara Fry 1905-1999 [f.]

Grace Rose Fry 1912- [f.]

Grace Fry 1891-1960 m. Charles Alexander Milton 1881-1970 [f.]

Hannah Fry 1812-1891 m. John Francis 1803-1876 [f.2.2]

Hannah Fry 1845-1849 [f.7.5]

Harriet Fry 1861-1947 [f.]

Harriett Fry 1847-1880 m. Charles Graham Boots 1846-1884 [f.2.1.5]

Harry Fry 1901-1901 [f.]

Herbert Edward Fry 1880- [f.]

Herbert Fry 1869-43 m. Harriett Mary Asbury 1875-62 [f.]

Irene Naomi Fry 1925-2006 [f.]

Ivy Muriel Fry 1909-1910 [f.]

James Fry 1761-

Jean May c1919- m. Henry William Noyes [f.]

Jennifer Fry [f.]

Jim Fry m. Bertha [f.]

Joan Fry 1925-1997 m. Ronald Leslie Thompson [f.]

John Fry 1756-

John Fry 1786-1861 m. Caroline Stephens c1786-1847 [f.2]

John Fry 1810-1883 m. (1) Harriot Brooker 1802-1870 (2) Mary Ann Waters 1839-1896 [f.2.1]

John Fry 1837-1891 m. Mary Ann Newbery c1837-1911 [f.2.1.1]

John Fry 1841-1921 m. Esther Elizabeth Lewry 1841- [f.2.3.2]

John Fry 1843-1897 m. Elizabeth Brett 1838-1926 [f.7.4]

John Fry 1856- [f.3.1.5]

John Fry 1877-1922 m. Mary Greenfield 1882-1963 [f.7.4.5]

John Fry 1914-1992 m. Ruth Buck [f.]

John Fry c1720-1785 m. Anne Richardson c1728-1782

John Henry Fry 1871-1903 m. Ada Burrows 1874- [f.]

John Quickenden (Fry) 1841-1894 m. Charlotte Sparrow

John S Fry 1912-1929 [f.]

John William Fry 1886- [f.]

John William Fry 1904-1986 [f.]

Kate Fry 1877-1936 m. Edward Henry Herrington c1875-1945 [f.7.4.6]

Kathleen Constance M Fry 1908- [f.]

Kathleen Fry 1912-1992 m. Willie Austin [f.]

Lily Kathleen Fry 1907-1966 [f.]

Louis Fry 1873-1955 m. Clara Chesson 1875-1962 [f.3.1.11]

Louis Fry 1911- [f.]

Louisa Fry 1851-1934 m. James Goodwin 1837-1902 [f.2.6.6]

Lucie Fry 1920- m. Edward Harper [f.]

Lucy Minnie Fry 1909-1997 [f.]

Lydia Fry 1798- m. William Wills

Lydia Mary Ann Fry 1910-1997 m. Charles William Groves [f.]

Margaret O Fry 1921- m. Elwyn Warden Owen [f.]

Mary Ann Fry 1842- [f.2.1.3]

Mary Ann Fry 1859-1884 [f.]

Mary Anne Fry 1823-1888 m. James Hollands 1818-1885 [f.2.7]

Mary Ellen Fry 1875-1904 m. Thomas Challen 1877-1937 [f.7.4.4]

Mary Fry 1791- m. David Woodhams c1790-

Mary Fry 1796- [f.5]

Mary Fry 1838-1872 m. James Young 1835-1893 [f.7.1]

Mary Fry 1839-1910 m. Henry Lewry 1839-1916 [f.2.3.1]

Mary Fry 1922- m. Stanley Arthur Green [f.]

Mary May Fry 1882-1964 m. Ernest William Capon c1880-1963 [f.]

Matilda Fry 1823-1867 m. William Lindfield 1816-1886 [f.3.2]

Nellie Ethel Fry 1902- [f.]

Nicholas Fry [f.]

Nora Phyllis Fry 1908-1997 m. Charles W R Gillies [f.]

Norah Fry 1916- [f.]

Percy Grove Fry 1890-1972 m. Victoria Halcyon Thomas 1895-1985 [f.]

Percy John Albert Fry 1916- m. Dorothy Mary Gardiner [f.]

Phoebe Fry 1844-1909 m. William Heasman 1838-1921 [f.2.6.2]

Queen Ella Fry 1907-1935 m. Herbert W Wood [f.]

Robert Fry 1795-

Robert Fry 1804-1875 m. Jane Burtenshaw 1806-1868 [f.7]

Robert Fry 1840-1895 m. (1) Mary Edwards 1836-1878 (2) Alice Fuller c1852-1886 [f.7.2]

Robert Fry 1867-1898 [f.7.2.1]

Robert Fry 1763-1829 m. Lydia Brown c1770

Ronald O Fry 1916-1917 [f.]

Rose Fry 1898-1898 [f.]

Samuel Fry 1821-1886 m. Sarah Smeed 1823-1895 [f.2.6]

Sarah Fry 1784-1849 m. John Hayward 1784-1858 [f.1]

Stella Kathleen Fry 1914-2003 m. Denys Horton 1918-2003 [f.]

Stephen Geoffrey Fry [f.]

Sydney Fry 1920- [f.]

Thomas Fry 1752-

Verdun Fry 1916-1980 [f.]

Victor John Fry 1914-1973 [f.]

Victoria Louise Fry 1898- [f.]

Walter Eric Fry 1898 [f.]

William Albert Stephen Fry 1904-1981 [f.]

William Fry 1758- m. Hannah Killick 1760- [f]

William Fry 1788-1863 m. Elizabeth Morphew 1794-1867 [f.3]

William Fry 1814- m. Elizabeth Stanbridge 1816-1891 [f.2.3]

William Fry 1820-1893 m. (1) Anne Fry 1831-<1866 (2) Harriett Sargent 1839-1895 [f.3.1]

William Fry 1840-1901 m. Esther Blakebrough 1839-1926 [f.2.1.2]

William Fry 1848-1882 m. Harriet Hudson 1851-1938 [f.7.6]

William Fry 1852-1936 m. Maria Goodwin 1851- [f.2.3.5]

William Fry 1870-1922 m. Edith Mercy Powell 1867-1953 [f.7.4.1]

William Fry 1879-1955 m. Ethel Botting 1885-1981 [f.7.6.3]

William Fry 1882-1948 m. Mary Elizabeth Hudson 1878-1958 [f.7.2.2]

William Robert Fry 1904- [f.]

William Fry c1890- [f.]

William George Fry 1893- [f.]

William Henry Fry 1849-1908 m. Sarah Ann Thick 1843 [f.3.1.1]

William Henry Fry 1871- [f.]

William Vallance Fry 1879-1914 [f.]

Winifred Mary Fry 1900- m. Herbert A Francis 1899-1936 [f.]

Winifred Fry 1916- [f.]



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