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Wall Alphabetical Index


Alice Rosetta Mary Wall 1909-1997 [w.]

Alice Wall 1885-1918 m. Harry Shade 1884-1971 [w.9.5.4]

Amy Wall 1880- [w.1.7.3]

Ann Eliza Wall 1867- m. Charles Henry Smith 1863-1934 [w.9.1.1]

Ann Wall 1819-1819 [w.6]

Annie Wall 1881- m. William Thomas Arnold 1880- [w.9.5.2]

Benjamin Wall 1873- m. Alice Hickman c1876- [w.1.4.4]

Charlotte Ivy Wall 1902- m. Henry J L Taylor [w.]

Charlotte Wall 1885- [w.9.1.8]

Dorothy Irene R Wall 1908-1913 [w.]

Edith Lily Wall 1894- [w.]

Edith Wall 1899- [w.8.9.3]

Edna Wall 1921- m. Arthur Western 1921- [w.]

Edward Wall 1820-1871 m. Mabel Wale [w.8]

Edward Wall 1842- [w.8.1]

Edward Wall 1860- [w.9.7]

Edward Wall 1785-1855 m. Mary Garner (1) 1782-1845 (2) Charlotte Blunt (nee Edge) 1791-1867 [w]

Edwin Wall 1851-1935 m. (1) Sarah Hannah Marshall nee Evans c1840-1907 (2) Emily Kitson 1861-1917

(3) Mary Elizabeth Newton c1877- [w.1.10]

Eliza Wall 1816- m. Francis Powell c1816- [w.5]

Eliza Wall 1835- m. John Parker c1831- [w.1.1]

Eliza Wall 1865- [w.9.8]

Elizabeth E Wall 1914- [w.]

Elizabeth Wall 1876- [w.9.1.4]

Elizabeth Wall 1907- [w.]

Elsie Wall 1909- [w.]

Emma Ann Wall 1881-1882 [w.8.3.2]

Emma Wall 1859-1929 m. William Timmis Turner 1859-1924 [w.8.7]

Emma Wall 1883- [w.8.4.4]

Eric Wall 1926- m. Bessie Wallbanks [w.]

Ernest George Wall 1873- [w.1.7.2]

Flora Frederica Annie Wall 1906-1995 [w.]

Florence Wall 1910- [w.]

Florence E Wall c1891- [w.]

Florence Louisa Wall 1879-1881 [w.8.5.1]

Frank Charles Wall 1876- m. Mary Ann Hall c1876- [w.1.4.5]

Fred Wall 1885- m. Susan Elizabeth Archer 1884- [w.1.4.9]

Frederick Wall 1880-1915 m. Ruth Mary Chard 1882-1940 [w.9.5.1]

Frederick W J Wall 1912-1915 [w.]

George Edward Wall 1843-1886 m. Sarah Parsons 1847-1898 [w.1.6]

George Frederic Wall 1886- [w.8.4.5]

George Frederick Wall 1863-1904 m. Sarah Willetts 1861- [w.8.9]

George Richard Wall 1871-1909 [w.1.4.3]

George Thomas Wall 1916- m. Susan Marjory Wady 1916- [w.]

George Wall 1858- [w.9.6]

Gertrude Sylvia Wall 1904-1973 m. Afanacia Tapako [w.]

Gertrude Wall 1883-1952 m. Denys Horton 1879-1966 [w.8.5.2]

Hannah Florence Wall 1893-1979 m. Samuel Frederick Ricketts c1894-1956 [w.8.4.8]

Hannah Wall 1812- [w.3]

Hannah Wall 1844-1928 m. William Bradbury 1846-1927 [w.8.2]

Harriet Ann Victoria Wall 1887-1962 m. Enoch Norrey [w.1.4.10]

Harriet Ann Wall 1861-1877 [w.8.8]

Hariett Wall 1867-1867 [w.1.4.1]

Harry Wall 1883- [w.1.4.8]

Henry Edward Wall 1850-1928 m. Emma Rosanah Kettle 1851-1922 [w.8.4]

Henry Edward Wall 1876- m. Ada Jane Harris 1878- [w.8.4.1]

Henry Wall 1880- m. Jane Brookes c1882- [w.9.1.6]

Henry Wall 1884- m. Winifred Murphy 1889- [w.9.5.3]

Henry Wall 1910- [w.]

Hilda M Wall 1911- [w.]

Iris Lillian Wall 1913-2002 [w.]

James Wall 1842-1842 [w.1.5]

James Walter Wall 1878- [w.1.4.6]

Jane Wall 1819-1819 [w.7]

John Joseph Wall 1893-1981 m. Elizabeth Kilfoy [w.]

John Richard Wall 1872- [w.1.7.1]

John Wall 1848-1848 [w.1.8]

Joseph Thomas Wall 1910- [w.]

Joseph Wall 1823-1908 m. (1) Sarah Timmins c1827-1878 (2) Mary Anne Hadley nee Penney c1833-<1901 [w.9]

Joseph Wall 1847-1924 m. Ellen Hadley 1851- [w.9.2]

Joseph Wall 1870-1934 m. Hannah Elizabeth Robinson 1872-1929 [w.9.2.1]

Joseph Wall 1878- m. Eliza Elizabeth Smith c1880- [w.9.1.5]

Josiah Wall 1845-1904 m. Sarah Ann Leager c1849-1898 [w.1.7]

Josiah Wall 1884- [w.1.7.4]

Lilian Wall 1885-1885 [w.8.5.3]

Lily Wall 1907- [w.]

Mabel Elizabeth Wall 1854-1932 m. Isaac Timmins 1864-1939 [w.8.6]

Mabel Elizabeth Wall 1878-1971 m. John Gadd 1881-1970 [w.8.4.2]

Mabel Elizabeth Wall 1886- m. Allan Mole 1876- [w.8.9.1]

Mabel Rebecca Wall 1879-1955 m. Arthur Harrison 1883-1963 [w.8.3.1]

Margaret Wall 1837- m. Joseph Thomas Smith c1835- [w.1.3]

Margaret Wall 1909- [w.]

Margaret Winifred Wall 1906- [w.]

Mary Wall 1814- [w.4]

Mary Wall 1849-1851 [w.1.9]

Mary Wall 1850-1895 m. David Perry 1847- [w.9.3]

Patricia E Wall 1914- [w.]

Patrick David Wall 1925-2001 m. (1) Betty Tucker (2) Vera Ronnen (3) Mary McLellan [w.]

Paul Thomas Wall 1852-1934 m. Louisa Freeth 1853-1944 [w.8.5]

Phyllis Hettie Louis Wall 1910-1932 [w.]

Robert Thomas Wall 1920-1994 m. Mary Scott Russell Riley (nee McKendrick) c1911-1999 [w.]

Robert W Wall 1931-1998 m. ? [w.]

Rosanna Wall 1869-1897 m. William Sheldon c1870- [w.1.6.1]

Rose Ethel Wall 1887- [w.8.4.6]

Rosehannah Wall c1903- [w.]

Samuel H Wall 1925-2011 m. Olive Mary Stanley 1926-1996 [w.]

Samuel Wall 1854-1909 m. Emma Slater 1851-<1901 [w.9.5]

Samuel Wall 1882-1970 m. Edna Wray Thompson 1896-1975 [w.9.1.7]

Samuel Wall 1890- [w.9.5.6]

Sydney Wall c1910- [w.]

Thomas Arthur Wall 1868- m. Jessie Ann Holt 1869- [w.1.4.2]

Thomas Henry Wall 1900- [w.]

Thomas Joseph Edward Wall 1910- [w.]

Thomas Wall 1807-1872 m. Mary [w.1]

Thomas Wall 1840-1898 m. Dinah Pimder c1845- [w.1.4]

Thomas Wall 1853- [w.9.4]

Thomas Wall 1869-1959 m. Edith Elizabeth Hartshorne 1869- [w.9.1.2]

Thomas Wall 1873- [w.9.2.2]

Thomas Wall 1880- [w.8.4.3]

Thomas Wall 1888-1976 m. Ruth Cresswell 1887-1978 [w.8.5.4]

Walter William Wall 1880- m. Alice Ingram c1879- [w.1.4.7]

William Edward Wall 1896- [w.8.9.2]

William Harvey Wall 1847- m. Rebecca Crust 1839-1881 [w.8.3]

William Henry Wall 1905- [w.]

William Holyoake Wall 1890-1941 [w.8.4.7]

William Hollyoak Wall 1901- [w.]

William Thomas Wall 1895- [w.]

William Wall 1810-1825 [w.2]

William Wall 1836-1837 [w.1.2]

William Wall 1846-1885 m. Mary Ball c1849- [w.9.1]

William Wall c1874- [w.9.1.3]

William Wall 1879-1881 [w.9.2.3]

William Wall 1881-1966 m. Winifred Stevens ?-1965 [w.9.2.4]

William Wall c1888- m. Hannah Cooper 1890- [w.9.5.5]

William Wall c1901- [w.]

William Wall 1919-1920 [w.]





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