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William Ellis [el.5.4]

William Ellis was the fourth child of William Ellis & Mary Allsop christened November 8th, 1814 at Pinxton, Derbyshire.

William married Mary Hayes on July 30th, 1839 at Pinxton, Derbyshire. Mary was christened December 18th, 1819 at Pinxton, the daughter of Elizabeth Wood & John Hayes, a coal miner.

In 1841 William & Mary were living at Pinxton Wharf, Pinxton where William was a coal miner. They had a 2 month old son George.

By 1851William (Elms in index), still a coal miner, & Mary were still living at Pinxton Wharf with children George, Ann (6), John (4) & Elizabeth (1). Living next door were Mary’s parents – John & Elizabeth Hayes.

In 1861 William & Mary were still living in Pinxton with children George & John, both coal miners, Ann, Elizabeth, William (9), Martha (incorrectly listed as Catherine) (4) & Joseph (2). Daughter Ann was to marry Matthew Lee (or Mellor) on May 20th, 1861 at Pinxton, but sadly after having had 2 sons she died in 1866.

By 1871 William & Mary had moved to Balls Row, Pinxton & still at home were William, a coal miner like his father, Martha E (14) & Joseph.

William, who was still working as a coal miner at the age of 67, & Mary were both found at Wharf Road, Pinxton in 1881. There were no children at home.

Mary died on June 26th, 1885 at Pinxton & William died a few months later on October 30th, 1885, also at Pinxton.

The children of William Ellis & Mary Hayes were:

el.5.4.1. George Ellis born April 8th, 1841 & christened May 15th, 1841 at Pinxton
el.5.4.2 Ann Ellis christened May 23rd, 1844 at Blackwell, Derbyshire; died February 1866 at Pinxton
el.5.4.3 John Ellis christened August 22nd, 1846 at Blackwell, Derbyshire
el.5.4.4 Elizabeth Ellis christened April 29th, 1849 at Blackwell, Derbyshire
el.5.4.5 William Ellis christened July 17th, 1851 at Blackwell, Derbyshire
el.5.4.6 Joseph Ellis christened August 30th, 1853 at Blackwell, Derbyshire, died <1858 at Pinxton
el.5.4.7 Martha Ellis christened April 19th, 1856 at Blackwell, Derbyshire
el.5.4.8 Joseph Ellis christened June 23rd, 1858 at Blackwell, Derbyshire


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