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Edwin George Fry [f.3.1.10]

Edwin George Fry was the third child of William Fry & Harriett Sargent born October 25th, 1870 at Netherfield, Battle, Sussex.

In 1871 Edwin was living with his parents, brothers & sisters & step brothers & sisters at Rats Farm, Netherfield, Battle.

In 1881 & 1891 Edwin was still at home with his family now at Boyles Farm, East Grinstead, Sussex.

Edwin married Esther Bonwick in Jan-March, 1892 at East Grinstead. Esther was born April 5th, 1868 at Lingfield, Surrey, the daughter of Elizabeth & Charles Bonwick, an agricultural labourer.

In 1901 Edwin & Esther were living at Brockhurst West Lodge, East Grinstead & Edwin was a farm bailiff. They had 4 children at this time, William (8), Louis (6), Edith (5) & Frederick (10 months). There were 2 farm workers boarding with them & a domestic servant.

By 1911 Edwin & Esther had moved to The Plat, Dormans Land, Godstone, Surrey & Edwin was now a gardener. At home with them were sons Louis, a garden labourer, Frederick Henry, at school & daughter Queen Ella (3). Daughters Edith Esther & Elsie Elizabeth (5) were with their grandfather, Charles Bonwick, a 70 year old widower, at the time of the census. He was an old age pensioner & lived next door to Edwin & Esther at The Plat. Eldest son William was an assistant gardener lodging with Douglas Maclean, a hairdresser, at The Plat, next door to grandfather Charles Bonwick. Presumably the family had been split up because there was not enough room at the parent's home which only had 3 rooms.

On the 1911 census form Edwin noted that he & Esther had 8 children born alive, only 6 of which were surviving.

The 1939 register shows Edwin & Esther living at Crowhurstland Cottages, Godstone, Surrey.  Edwin was a jobbing gardener & with them was daughter Agnes.

There is a death for Esther Fry, aged 74, in April-June 1942 in Surrey.

There is a death for Edwin G Fry, aged 85, in April-June 1956 in Surrey.

The children of Edwin George Fry & Esther Bonwick were:

f. William George Fry born April-June 1893 at East Grinstead, Sussex
f. Edwin Louis Fry born July-September 1894 at Cuckfield, Sussex
f. Edith Esther Fry born Jan-March 1896 at East Grinstead, Sussex
f. Frederick Henry Fry born April-June 1900 at East Grinstead, Sussex
f. Elsie Elizabeth Fry born July-September 1905 at Dormans Land, Godstone, Surrey

f. Queen Ella Fry born April-June 1907 at Dormans Land, Godstone, Surrey; died April-June 1935 in Surrey

f. Agnes A Fry born November 13th, 1913 at Godstone, Surrey


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