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The Richardson family begins with George Richardson [r] - click on him to see tree of descendants


[r] George Richardson


[r.1] George Richardson 1754- m. (1) Elizabeth Storey -1794

(2) Ann Starport

[r.1.1] Ann Richardson 1788-

[r.1.2] Thomas Richardson 1791-

[r.1.3] George Richardson 1793-1794

[r.1.4] Margaret Richardson 1796-

[r.1.5] Jane Richardson 1797-

[r.1.6] Harriet Stuart Richardson 1798-1834

[r.1.7] George Richardson 1800-1868 m. Mary Linsley c1808-1838

[r.1.7.1] Thomas Richardson 1828-

[r.1.7.2] George Richardson 1830-

[r.1.7.3] Mary Ann Richardson 1832-

[r.1.7.4] John Richardson 1836-

[r.1.7.5] Cuthbert Richardson/Colling 1841- (mother = Phoebe Colling 1803-1875)


[r.2] Thomas Richardson 1758-m. Elizabeth Morton 1758-

[r.2.1] Ann Richardson 1788-


[r.2.2] Thomas Richardson 1790-1853 m. Eleanor Powell 1795-1860

[r.2.2.1] Henry Powell Richardson1816-1817

[r.2.2.2] Elizabeth Richardson 1817-1888

[r.2.2.3] Thomas Richardson 1819-

[r.2.2.4] Jane Richardson 1821-1855 m. Thomas Place c1821-1854

[r.2.2.5] Eleanor Richardson 1823-


[r.2.2.6] Thomas Powell Richardson 1825-1888 m. Mary Wilson c1820-

[r.] Ann Richardson c1848-1901 m. Robert Earnshaw [e.1.6] 1840-1909

[r.] Eleanor Richardson 1850-1914

[r.] Annie Richardson c1876-


[r.] Elizabeth Richardson 1852-

[r.] Mary Richardson 1853-1926 m. Robert Place 1849-1924

[r.] Mary Richardson (Place) 1875-1941 m. Harry Newington 1875-1964


[r.] Thomas Richardson 1856-1893 m. Margaret Ann Liddell 1857-1931

[r.] Mary Jane Richardson 1879-

[r.] Eleanor Richardson 1881-

[r.] Robert Liddell Richardson 1884- m. Hilda Stephens

[r.] Thomas Richardson 1888-


[r.2.2.7] John Richardson 1827- m. Jane Sarah Wade (nee Butson) c1815-1892

[r.] Sarah Jane Richardson 1856-1913 m. William Fotheringill Westwick 1855-1913

[r.] Charlotte Butson Richardson 1857-1929 m. Martin Gardner 1848-

[r.] John Richardson c1861-


[r.2.2.8] William Richardson 1829-1880 m. Hannah Coar (nee Beaney) c1829-1915

[r.] Ellen Richardson 1855-


[r.] Thomas Richardson 1856-1937 m. (1) Rebecca Smith 1860-1895

(2) Mary Lamb 1865-

[r.] Rebecca Richardson 1886- m. David M Arthur

[r.] Thomas Richardson c1888-

[r.] Rosemond Richardson 1889- m. George D Hunt

[r.] Beatrice Richardson 1890-

[r.] Mary Lamb Richardson 1900-1901

[r.] William Richardson c1901-

[r.] Eleanor Lamb Richardson 1905-2002 m. Norman Leslie Smith 1902-1984


[r.] John Richardson 1858- m. Caroline Embleton c1865-

[r.] Eleanor Richardson 1860-1937 m. John Henry Baty 1851-

[r.] William Richardson 1862-1872

[r.] George Robert Richardson 1864-1900


[r.] Henry Richardson 1867- m. Sarah Hannah Unsworth 1877-

[r.] Eleanor Richardson 1900-1901

[r.] George Robert Richardson 1902-

[r.] Thomas Henry Richardson 1903-1979

[r.] William Richardson 1906-1906

[r.] John Richardson 1907-

[r.] Harold Richardson 1911-


[r.] Jane Hannah Richardson 1872-1939 m. Joseph John Simmons c1871-


[r.2.2.9] Joseph Richardson c1832-1889 m. Mary Linsley 1832-1895

[r.] Henry Richardson 1861-


[r.] William Linsley Richardson 1864- m. Mary Ann Thurloway 1865-

[r.] Joseph Richardson 1887-1941 m. Rose Emma Austin 1888-1935

[r.] Mary Ann T Richardson 1889- m. Richard Henry Walter 1883-

[r.] John Thurloway Richardson 1892-1892

[r.] Elizabeth Jane Richardson 1895-

[r.] John Thurloway Richardson 1897-

[r.] William T Richardson c1900-


[r.] Thomas Richardson c1868-<1911 m. Elizabeth Jane Thirloway 1873-

[r.] Thomas Richardson 1900-

[r.] Mary Ann T Richardson 1902-

[r.] Lily Richardson c1907-


[r.] John Joseph Richardson 1871- m. Margaret Richardson Bambrough 1871-

[r.] William Linsley Richardson 1895-

[r.] Rachel Tate Richardson 1897-

[r.] Margaret Ann Richardson c1900-

[r.] Henry Ernest Richardson 1903-


[r.] Annie Oliver Richardson 1875-1899


[r.2.2.10] Robert Richardson 1834-1907

[r.2.2.11] Henry Powell Richardson 1837-1877


[r.2.3] Elizabeth Richardson 1792-1795

[r.2.4] Ralph Richardson 1794-


[r.3] Isabel Richardson 1761-


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