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The Stephenson family begins with Thomas Stephenson [s] - click on him to see tree of descendants


[s] Thomas Stephenson 1753- m. Mary Cooke 1759-


[s.1] Hannah Stephenson 1775-

[s.2] William Stephenson 1777-

[s.3] Anne Stephenson 1779-


[s.4] Thomas Stephenson 1781-1861 m. Dorothy Pallister 1789-1853

[s.4.1] Thomas Stephenson 1822-1904 m. Elizabeth Gibson 1819-1904


[s.4.1.1] William George Stephenson 1844-1911 m. Margaret Jean Gaudie 1844-1891

[s.] George Gaudie Stephenson 1869-1946 m. Mary Winifred Eddison 1876-1954

[s.] George Eric Burdett Stephenson 1899-1969

[s.] Winifred Margaret Burdett Stephenson 1901-1994

[s.] John Keith Burdett Stephenson 1902-

[s.] Kathleen Mary Burdett Stephenson 1904-1986


[s.] Gertrude Stephenson 1871-1936 m. Ernest Russell 1864-1942

[s.] Ethel Stephenson 1872-1941 m. Arthur Llewellyn Russell 1865-1915

[s.] Bertha Stephenson 1877-

[s.] Muriel Stephenson 1881-1957 m. Conrad Gribble 1881-1961


[s.4.1.2] Thomas Stephenson 1848-1897 m. Ann Wainwright 1847-

[s.] William Henry Stephenson 1868-

[s.] Frederick Charles Stephenson 1870-1915 m. Kate Elizabeth Christon 1874-1903

[s.] Florence Annie Stephenson 1898-1965 m. Edward Coultish

[s.] Dorothy Kate Stephenson 1901-1980 m. Henry Gibson 1902-1978

[s.] Dorothy Morley Stephenson 1924-1990 m. Alfred Marsden Smitham 1923-1977


[s.] Joseph Thomas Stephenson 1872-1911 m. Bertha Broughton 1874-1952

[s.]  Henry Langridge Stephenson 1894-1976

[s.]  Thomas Frederick Stephenson 1895-

[s.] Harold Stephenson 1897-1898

[s.] WInifred Stephenson 1899-1900

[s.]  Dorothy Stephenson 1901-

[s.]  Bertha Hilda Stephenson 1903-

[s.]  Muriel Stephenson 1904-

[s.]  Ernest William Stephenson 1906-1967 m. Kate Catherine Coman 1910-

[s.]  Edmund Charles Stephenson 1909-1987

[s.]  Joe Stephenson 1910-


[s.] Thomas Wainwright Stephenson 1875-<1911 m. Margaret Mannell c1877-

[s.] Arthur Edward Stephenson 1877-1943 m. Alice Maude Lewis 1878-1942

[s.] Catherine Anne Stephenson 1900-

[s.] Thomas Edward Stephenson 1901-

[s.] Alice Maud Stephenson 1906-

[s.] Gwendoline Stephenson 1909-2002 m. James Ronald Nixon 1910-1990


[s.] Mary Elizabeth Stephenson 1879-1963 m. Thomas William Cecil Mossom 1878-1964

[s.] John George Stephenson 1882-

[s.] Dorothy Ann Stephenson 1883-

[s.] Alice Stephenson 1887-


[s.4.1.3] Elizabeth Stephenson 1849-1896 m. James Walton c1837-1904

[s.4.1.4] Henry Stephenson 1851-

[s.4.1.5] George Stephenson 1856-1882 m. Mary Smith c1854-

[s.] Emily Stephenson 1876-1898

[s.] Edith Mary Stephenson 1878-

[s.] Herbert Stephenson 1880-1909

[s.4.1.6] Frederick Stephenson 1860-1861


[s.4.2] William Stephenson 1824-


[s.5] Joseph Stephenson 1783-1783

[s.6] Joseph Stephenson 1784-


[s.7] John Stephenson 1787- <1861 m. Sarah Robinson 1788-1875

[s.7.1] William Stephenson 1816-1891 m. Ann Taylor 1818-1889

[s.7.1.1] Maria Stephenson 1853-1885 m. Thomas Breckon Lorains c1848-

[s.7.1.2] Hannah Stephenson 1854-1924


[s.7.1.3] William Stephenson 1858-1917 m. Dinah Caroline Wick 1853-1917

[s.] Thomas William Stephenson 1882- m. Ethel Dale c1884-

[s.] John Edward Stephenson 1884-

[s.] Hannah Maria Stephenson 1886-

[s.] Mary Alice Stephenson 1892-


[s.7.1.4] Mary Stephenson 1861-


[s.7.2] Mary Stephenson 1818-1907 m. John Taylor Harland 1824-1880

[s.7.3] Thomas Stephenson c1821-1870 m. Elizabeth Lawson 1828-

[s.7.3.1] Ann Elizabeth Stephenson 1851-1927 m. William Edmond 1842-

[s.7.3.2] William Stephenson 1853-

[s.7.3.3] Hannah Stephenson 1854-

[s.7.3.4] Mary Stephenson 1856-

[s.7.3.5] Sarah Stephenson 1859-

[s.7.3.6] Eliza Stephenson 1864-

[s.7.3.7] Adah Ruth Stephenson 1869- m. John Dowson


[s.7.4] John Stephenson 1826-<1856 m. Frances Estill 1815-1861

[s.7.4.1] Hannah Stephenson 1847-1894 m. Anthony Forster Fish 1850-1929

[s.7.4.2] Ann Stephenson 1851-1919


[s.7.5] Joseph Stephenson 1827-1899 m. Margaret Tyerman 1827-1915

[s.7.5.1] John Stephenson 1850-

[s.7.5.2] Ann Stephenson 1856- m. John William Lawson c1856-

[s.7.5.3] Sarah Stephenson 1859-

[s.7.5.4] James Stephenson 1866-1905 m. Annie Margaret Cooper c1867-

[s.7.6] Hannah Stephenson 1829-


[s.8] George Stephenson 1790-1792


[s.9] George Stephenson 1793-1837 m. Jane Wade 1784-1871

[s.9.1] Mary Stephenson 1813-<1861 m. George Wilkinson 1808-1870

[s.9.2] Ann Stephenson 1815-1857 m. John Mellanby 1814-<1881

[s.9.3] George Stephenson 1817-1843

[s.9.4] William Stephenson 1819-1825


[s.9.5] Joseph Stephenson 1822-1905 m. Jane Carter 1821-1893

[s.9.5.1] Mary Stephenson 1849-1924 m. John Foord c1847-1927

[s.9.5.2] Ann Stephenson c1852-

[s.9.5.3] Jane Stephenson 1853-1931 m. William Stainsby [sb.6.5] 1852-1923


[s.9.5.4] Joseph Stephenson 1859- m. Matilda Robson 1867-1940

[s.] Ethel Stephenson c1897-

[s.] Joseph William Stephenson 1898-

[s.] Benjamin Edwin Stephenson 1899-1967

[s.] John George Stephenson 1904-1952


[s.9.5.5] George Stephenson 1862-1917


[s.9.6] Jane Stephenson 1825-1830

[s.9.7] Sarah Stephenson 1828-1891 m. John Waller 1825-1899




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