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John Lister [li.5.11]

John Lister was the son of John Lister & Mary born July 22nd 1870 at South bank, Eston, Yorks.

John's birth certificate

He was still living at home at the time of the 1881 census with his parents at Wellington St, Normanby.

In 1891 John was still living at home at Eston, Middlesbrough & working as a blast furnace lime filler.

In 1901 John was living at North St, Normanby with his widowed mother Mary (60) & his sister Maria (27) & a boy Tom, listed as ‘son’ of Mary, aged 9. John was a moulder of pig iron.

John married Margaret Ann Rees in October – December 1901 at Middlesbrough.  Margaret was born January-March 1871 at Welbury, Northallerton, N. Yorks, the daughter of Ann and William Smith, a general labourer.  Margaret had previously married  William Rees in 1893 but who had died late in 1899.

In 1911 John and Margaret were living at 84 Branch Street, South Bank, Eston with Margaret’s children Gladys (15), Sarah Ann (13) and Elsie Rees (11) from her previous marriage.  John and Margaret now had two children, John William (8) and Richard Henry (2).  John was working as a blast furnaceman at the iron works. It was noted on the census that Margaret had had 10 children, only 7 of whom were still alive.

There is a death recorded for John Lister in Oct-December 1928 at Middlesbrough, N. Yorks.

There is a death for Margaret Ann Lister in April-June 1962 registered at Cleveland, N. Yorks.

The children of John Lister & Margaret Ann Rees (nee Smith) were:

li.5.11.1  John William Lister born Jan-march 1903 at South Bank, Middlesbrough, N. Yorks
li.5.11.2  Richard Henry Lister born July-September 1909 at South Bank, Middlesbrough, N. Yorks; died June 6th, 1944 in Normandy, France


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