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Margaret Elizabeth Lister [li.5.8]

Margaret Elizabeth Lister was born April-June 1862 at Stokesley, Yorks, the eighth child of John Lister & Elizabeth Taylor.

In 1871 Margaret was living at Claylane Cottages, Eston with her father John Lister & step-mother Mary & brothers & sisters.

She was still living at home at the time of the 1881 census with her parents at Wellington St, Normanby.

Margaret married William Rowland in Oct-December 1884 at Middlesbrough. William was the son of Elizabeth & Richard D Rowland, a farmer, born April-June 1865 at Linthorpe, Yorks.

In 1891 Margaret was living with her brother-in-law Thomas Rowland (23), who was single, at Springfield, Stokesley, but husband William could not be found at this time. There were 2 of Thomas’ nieces with them – Jane Ann (4) & Sarah Ellen (2), who were presumably Margaret & William’s children.

Margaret gave birth to a son, Thomas early in 1892. 

William must have died before 1893 when Margaret remarried.

The children of Margaret Elizabeth Lister & William Rowland were:

li.5.8.1  Jane Ann Rowland born Jan-March 1887 at Stokesley
li.5.8.2  Sarah Ellen Rowland born Jan-March 1889 at Stokesley
li.5.8.3  Thomas William Rowland born Jan-March 1892 at Stokesley

Margaret appears to have married John Quinn c1893 but to date no marriage record has been found.  John was born c1858 at Roscommon, Ireland.

In 1901 Margaret & John were living at 120 Spencer St, Middlesbrough with Margaret’s children Jane Ann & Sarah Ellen (Rowland).   In addition Margaret & John had 3 children, Annie M (6), Lavinia (4) & John J (3).  John was employed as a general labourer.  Margaret’ son Thomas Rowland was living with his grandmother Mary Lister & an aunt & uncle at Normanby, Middlesbrough at the time of the census. 

By 1911 Margaret & John were living at 40 Leven St, Ormesby, Middlesbrough & John was now described as a bricklayer’s labourer.  At home were Annie, Lavinia & John & new arrivals Peter (7) & Edward (5).  Also listed with the family was a granddaughter Margaret Rowland (1).  It was noted on the census that Margaret had had 7 children, only 5 of whom were living.

In 1911 daughter Jane Ann Rowland was working as a servant for the Jaffa family at 3 Bright St, Middlesbrough.

Margaret died in April-June 1941 aged 80, her death being registered at Middlesbrough.

The children of Margaret Elizabeth Rowland (nee Lister) & John Quinn were:

li.5.8.4  Annie Maria Quinn born April-June 1895 at Stokesley, N. Yorks
li.5.8.5  Lavinia Quinn born July-September 1897 at Ormesby, N. Yorks
li.5.8.6  John James Quinn born Jan-March 1898 at Middlesbrough
li.5.8.7  Peter Quinn born April-June 1903 at Middlesbrough
li.5.8.8  Edward Quinn born July-September 1906 at Middlesbrough


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