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John Lister [li.5]

John Lister was the fifth child of Thomas Lister & Ann Pattison christened March 30th, 1822 at Ormesby, Yorks.

There is a record of John Lister, aged 19, in the 1841 census at Stockton St, Middlesbrough where he was an apprentice ….? He was living with the Waistell family.

In Oct-December 1849 John married Elizabeth Taylor at Eston, Yorks. Elizabeth was the daughter of Elizabeth & Benjamin Taylor christened January 28th, 1827 at Eston.

By 1851 John & Elizabeth & had an 11 month old son Benjaman. They were living at Ormesby & John was a cordwainer. Living next door to them were his sisters Margaret & Isabel Lister & brother Thomas.

The English term cordwainer, meaning shoemaker, first appears in 1100. By the late 13th century a distinction grew in England between Cordwainers proper, called alutari, who used only alum "tawed" cordwain, and another class of shoemakers called basanarii, who employed an inferior "tanned" sheepskin which was prohibited for footwear apart from long boots. Since this period the term cordouan, or cordovan leather, has been applied to several varieties of leather. Today cordovan leather is a "vegetable tanned" horse "shell," and like the Medieval cordwain is used only for the highest quality shoes.

In Slater’s Commercial Directory of Durham, Northumberland & Yorkshire of 1855 John is listed as a boot & shoemaker of Ormesby.

By 1861 John had become a blast furnaceman & they were still living at Ormesby. At home was Benjaman, & new children Thomas (8), John (6), Richard (5), Robert (2) & Elizabeth A, only 2 weeks old. They had a 16 year old servant Sarah Alderson.

Son John died on October 10th, 1867 at Ormesby aged 13.

Elizabeth appears to have died sometime after the census of 1861, & there is a death recorded for Elizabeth Lister in Oct-December 1862 at Guisbrough (includes Ormesby).

The children of John Lister & Elizabeth Taylor were:

li.5.1 Benjamin Taylor Lister christened May 18th, 1850 at Eston, Yorks; died June 21st, 1883 at Sydney, NSW
li.5.2 Thomas Lister born July-Sept, 1852 at Ormesby, Yorks; died December 31st, 1890 at Lazenby
li.5.3 John Lister christened June 21st, 1854 at Eston, Yorks, died October 10th, 1867
li.5.4 Richard Lister christened March 4th, 1856 at Eston, Yorks
li.5.5 Robert Henry Lister christened August 11th, 1857 at Eston, Yorks, died August 23rd, 1857
li.5.6 Robert Henry Lister christened January 4th, 1859 at Eston, Yorks
li.5.7 Elizabeth Ann Lister christened March 22nd, 1861 at Eston, Yorks

li.5.8 Margaret Elizabeth Lister born April-June 1862 at Stokesley, Yorks; died April-June 1941 at Middlesbrough

John remarried between 1862 & 1864 to Mary, who was born at Middleton on Leven, Yorks c1841. On the birth certificate of John & Mary’s son, John (li.5.11) Mary’s maiden name was given as Lister.

In 1871 John & Mary (listed as Lidster in census) were living at Claylane Cottages, Eston with John’s children Richard, Robert (both labourers at ironworks) & Elizabeth. There were 3 other children at this time – Margaret (8), Mary (4) & John (9 months). John’s occupation was a horse driver at the ironworks.

In the 1881 census John (58) appears to have returned to his original trade of a shoemaker & is living in Normanby, Middlesbrough. He & Mary have 3 children with them – Margaret (20), John (10) & Anne M (7).

In 1891 John & Mary were living at Eston, Middlesbrough with their children John, now 20 & working as a blast furnace lime filler, & daughter (Anne) Maria (18). Visiting them was a grandson Thomas Herbert Turner (7), son of John’s daughter Elizabeth Ann now married to Thomas H Turner.

A death is recorded for John Lister in Jan-March 1894 at Middlesbrough, aged 73.

In 1901 widow Mary (60) was living at North St, Normanby. At home with her was John (30), a moulder of pig iron, Maria (now 22!), & a little boy Tom listed as ‘son’ aged 9.

The children of John Lister & Mary Lister were:

li.5.9 Watson Lister christened August 29th, 1864 at Eston, Yorks, died December 23rd, 1865
li.5.10 Mary Jane Lister christened February 22nd, 1867 at Eston, Yorks
li.5.11 John Lister born July 22nd 1870 at South Bank, Eston, Yorks; died Oct-December 1928 at Middlesbrough
li.5.12 Maria Lister born Jan-March 1874 at Eston, Yorks


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