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Thomas Lister [li.7.3]

Thomas Lister was the third child of Thomas Lister & Hannah Herring born 1856 at Ormesby, Yorks.

In 1861 Thomas & his parents & family were living at Ormesby, Yorks.

By 1871 Thomas was working as a servant on the farm of William Clough at Yearley House in the village of Ingleby Barwick, near Stockton, Yorks.

In 1881 he was working as a general labourer & at the time of the census he was lodging with the Shields family at Oliver St, Linthorpe.

Thomas married Margaret Easby in Oct-December 1884 at Guisbrough. Margaret was the daughter of Robert & Jane Easby born July-September 1862 at Lazenby.

By 1891 Thomas & Margaret were living at Queen St, Lazenby, Wilton, Yorks where Thomas was an agricultural labourer. They had 3 children – Gertrude A (5), Beatrice J (3) & Winifred A (1), & also living with them was Margaret’s father, Robert Easby, a 65 year old widower who was an agricultural labourer. Thomas' uncle Richard Lister [li.8] & his wife were living nearby in Queen St.

In 1901 Thomas was working as a horse keeper in an ironstone mine & he & Margaret were living at Wilton, Yorks & had 5 children at home – Alice (11), Flora (9), Mary (7), Emily (5) & Olive (3). Margaret’s father Robert (76), a stud groom was still living with them, as was a niece Hannah Easby (5).

Daughter Gertrude Annie married Isaac Hammerton , an ironstone mine worker,  in 1905.  Daughter Beatrice married  Johnson Husband in 1909, a shifter at the ironstone mine.

In 1911 Thomas and Margaret were living at Park Farm, Wilton Bank Top, Guisborough, and Thomas continued to work as a horse keeper above ground at the ironstone mine. Listed at home were Annie and Beatrice (both listed as Lister but married!). However Beatrice was recorded in the 1911 census as living with her husband Johnson Husband and their one year old daughter Dorothy at Wilton.   Alice, Florence (a housemaid), Mary (dress maker), Emily, Olive, and new arrivals Violet (9) and Gustina (7) were all at home.

Margaret died July-September 1932 at Guisborough, aged 70.

Daughter Margaret Gustina decided to marry in 1964, when she married Jim Hopps at Thirsk, N. Yorks.

The children of Thomas Lister & Margaret Easby were:

li.7.3.1 Gertrude Annie Lister born Jan-March 1886 at Lazenby; died April-June 1915 at Guisborough
li.7.3.2 Beatrice Jane Lister born Jan-March 1888 at Lazenby; died October-December 1922 at Middlesbrough.
li.7.3.3 Winifred Alice Lister born Oct-December 1889 at Lazenby
li.7.3.4 Florence Lister born Jan-March 1892 at Lazenby
li.7.3.5 Mary Hannah Lister born Oct-December 1893 at Lazenby
li.7.3.6 Emily Lister born Jan-March 1896 at Lazenby
li.7.3.7 Olive Lister born April-June 1898 at Lazenby

li.7.3.8 Violet Lister born July-September 1901 at Wilton Bank Top.

li.7.3.9 Margaret Gustina Lister born February 15th, 1904 at Wilton Bank Top; died March 1980 at Northallerton, N. Yorks


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