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Phillis Mays [m.7.2]

Phillis Mays was the second child of George Mays & Phillis Wickenden christened July 6th, 1845 at East Grinstead, Sussex.

In 1851 Phillis, her brother & sister & her parents were living at Gate Lodge, Shovelstrode, East Grinstead.

By 1871 Phillis had left home & was working as a servant for the Knight family at 99 Victoria Park Rd, Hackney, London.

Phillis married Benjamin Hitchman in July-September 1873, the marriage being registered at Horsham, Sussex.  Benjamin was born Oct-December 1847 at Mitcham, Surrey, the son of Eliza & Thomas Hitchman, a gardener.

In 1881 Phillis & Benjamin were living at 16 Cross St, Clapham, London & Benjamin was an optician’s salesman.  They had 3 children – Ernest B (6), Herbert Sydney (2) & Elsie B (2 months).  They also had a boarder, Alfred Bishop (23), an assistant cellarman.

Phillis & Benjamin were still at 16 Cross St in 1891 & Benjamin was now an optician’s assistant.  At home were Ernest, a clerk, Elsie, Florence (8), Frank (5), Sydney (4) & Ethel (1).

The family was still living at the same address in 1901 & Benjamin was still an optician’s assistant.  Four children were at home – Florence, a dressmaker’s assistant, Frank , an optician’s assistant, Sydney C, a leather case maker & Ethel Violet.

In 1911 Phillis & Benjamin were still at 16 Cross St & Benjamin still worked as an optician’s assistant (shop).  Daughter Ethel was a baby linen assistant, son Sydney was a leather worker & Frank was a glass worker (lens work). It was noted on the census that Phillis & Benjamin had had 7 children, only 6 of whom were still alive.

Benjamin died, aged 66, in Oct-December 1914 at Clapham.

Phillis died, aged 81, on October 5th, 1926, at Hammersmith Infirmary, London.  The cause of death was fracture of the skull & pelvis.

The children of Phillis Mays & Benjamin Hitchman were:

m.7.2.1  Ernest Benjamin Hitchman born Oct-December 1874 at Clapham, Surrey
m.7.2.2  Herbert Sydney Hitchman born Oct-December 1879 at Lambeth, Surrey
m.7.2.3  Elsie Blanche Hitchman born Jan-March 1881 at Clapham, Surrey
m.7.2.4  Florence Hitchman born Jan-March 1883 at Clapham, Surrey; died 1970 in Witshire
m.7.2.5  Frank Cyril Hitchman born April-June 1885 at Clapham, Surrey
m.7.2.6  Sydney Charles Hitchman born Jan-March 1887 at Clapham, Surrey; died 1974 at Barnet, Middlesex
m.7.2.7  Ethel Violet Hitchman born Oct-December 1889 at Clapham, Surrey


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