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Cuthbert Pallister [p.1.2]

Cuthbert Pallister was the second child of Cuthbert Pallister & Margaret Oxley born at Stand-against-all, Lanchester & christened January 6th, 1708 at Stand-against-all, Lanchester, Co. Durham.

Cuthbert married Hannah Blenkinsop on May 25th, 1732 at All Saints Lanchester.

The 5 children of Cuthbert & Hannah were all born at Langley Lane. Son Thomas sadly died in infancy. Thomas was christened at Ryton Woodside Presbyterian Chapel, suggesting that Cuthbert & Hannah were Presbyterians. Interestingly the other 4 children were all entered into the church register at All Saints Lanchester at the same time in 1748 under a list headed ‘births/baptisms of papists & dissenters’.

Cuthbert was buried on April 11th, 1762 at All Saints, Lanchester, Co Durham.

It appears that after the death of Cuthbert in 1762 the family relocated to the West Auckland area of Co Durham, south of Lanchester.

Daughter Jane married John Garr c1763 at St Helen’s Auckland, Co Durham. Sons John & Cuthbert also married at St Helen's Auckland.

The children of Cuthbert Pallister & Hannah Blenkinsop were:

p.1.2.1 Jane Pallister born July 29th, 1733 at Lanchester
p.1.2.2 Thomas Pallister born at Langley Lane & christened March 7 th , 1736 at Ryton Woodside Presbyterian Chapel (later became Ebenezer Chapel at Swalwell), Co Durham; died 1736 at Langley Lane & buried March 26th, 1736 at All Saints, Lanchester

p.1.2.3 Hannah Pallister born May 23rd, 1737 at Lanchester
p.1.2.4 John Pallister born February 1st, 1739 at Lanchester
p.1.2.5 Cuthbert Pallister born December 28th, 1742 at Lanchester


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