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William Stephenson [s.7.1]

William Stephenson was the first child of John Stephenson & Sarah Robinson born at Ruswarp & christened September 22nd, 1816 at Whitby, Yorks.

William married Ann Taylor, the daughter of James & Maria Taylor, who was born at Sandsend & christened May 15th 1818 in Lythe. They were married in July-September 1850 at Whitby.

In 1851 William & Ann were living at Sandsend Village, Lythe & William was a butcher.

In 1861 William was still a butcher & he & Ann continued to live at Sandsend Village. They had 4 children at home – Maria (8), Hannah (6), William (2) & Mary (under 1 month). With them at the time of the census was William’s widowed mother Sarah, aged 72. Also with them was nephew Thomas Harland (13), a butcher’s boy, the son of William’s sister Mary who had married John Harland. There was also a lodger John Webster, a 91 year old widower of independent means. They also had a nurse, Ruth Porritt, aged 54. Interestingly Ruth Porritt, (occupation school mistress) was living at Mickleby in the 1851 census as a neighbour of Mary & John Harland.

In 1871 William & Ann were still living at Sandsend Village & William continued to be a butcher. At home were Maria, a dressmaker, Hannah, William & Mary. With them at the time of the census was an unmarried relative Ann Taylor, an 83 year old annuitant.

By 1881 William & Ann had moved to Cottage House, Lythe, & William was still a butcher at the age of 64. Daughters Hannah & Mary were still at home, as was son William, a butcher, now married to Dinah Caroline Wick (26), who was born in Wells, Norfolk. Son William carried on in the butcher’s trade after the death of his father & was listed in Kelly’s Directory of North & East Ridings of Yorks 1893 as a butcher of Sandsend. Daughter Maria was visiting her widowed grandmother Maria Taylor at the time of the census.  Grandmother Maria lived just a few doors from William & Ann, also at Cottage House.

On October 10th, 1882 daughter Maria married Thomas Breckon Lorains, a sail maker of West Bromwich, at Whitby but sadly she died in Oct-December 1885 at Whitby, aged just 32. 

Ann died July-September 1889, aged 71, the death being registered at Whitby.

In 1891 widowed William was still a butcher living at Sandsend Village with his daughter Hannah, who was his housekeeper. Daughter Mary was working as a servant for Frederick W Horne, a publisher & solicitor, & family at Bridge St, Whitby.

William died on May 28th, 1891, aged 74, at Sndsend, Whitby.

In the 1901 census daughter Hannah was living on her own at Alderside, Sandsend Village where she was now a shirt seamstress.  She was living next door to her brother William & his family.   In 1901 Daughter Mary  was housekeeper for her cousin Annie Stephenson, a schoolmistress born in Mickleby, at 7 Langdale Terrace, Ruswarp, Whitby.

In 1911 Hannah was visiting  Henry Temple Wellburn, a farmer, & his family at Low Farm, Pinchingthorpe, Great Ayton, N. Yorks. Her sister Mary was housekeeper for her cousin Ann Stephenson [s.7.5.2], now married to John William Lawson, a blacksmith, & their family at this time. They were at 19 Emerald St, Saltburn, N. Yorks.

The children of William Stephenson & Ann Taylor were:

s.7.1.1 Sarah Ann Stephenson born July-September 1851 at Whitby; died Jan-March 1852 at Whitby

s.7.1.2 Maria Stephenson born Jan-March 1853 at East Row, Sandsend,Whitby; died Oct-December 1885 at Whitby
s.7.1.3 Hannah Stephenson born July-September 1854 at East Row, Sandsend, Whitby; died Oct-December 1924 at Whitby

s.7.1.4 Ann Stephenson born July-September 1856 at Sandsend, Whitby; died Oct-December 1856 at Sandsend
s.7.1.5 William Stephenson born April-June1858 at Lythe; died Oct-December 1917 at Whitby
s.7.1.6 Mary Stephenson born April-June 1861 at Sandsend


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