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Mary Ann Stainsby [sb.6.3.2]

Mary Ann Stainsby was the second child of Thomas Stainsby & Mary Ann Henderson (nee Corner) born April-June 1872 at Bishop Auckland.

By 1881 Mary was living with her mother who was married to John Carter & also living with them were her brothers  Thomas & Stephen & sister Annie Stainsby at Lumley St, Middlesbrough.  Also there was half-brother John Henderson & half-sister Hannah Carter.  Marriage records indicate that mother Mary Ann did not marry John Carter until 1883.

In 1891 Mary was still living at home with her mother & step-father John & Mary was a laundry maid.  Her sister & brothers were also still at home, as was John Henderson.  Another 4 Carter children had arrived – Joseph (9), Robert (6), Alice M (5) & Violet (3).  They were all living at 22 Albert Mews, Middlesbrough.

Mary married John George Judson at Hartlepool in Oct-December 1902.  John was christened May 14th, 1873 at York, the son of Mary Hannah & Thomas Judson.

At the time of the birth of daughter Mary in 1909, Mary & John were living at Rawdon Old Hall Cottage, Rawdon.

In 1911 Mary & John were living at 6 London Lane, Little London, Rawdon, near Leeds.  They had had 2 children by this time, but sadly one had died.  Their 1 year old daughter was named Mary.  John  worked as a domestic gardener.

Daughter Mary married Harold Firth, a civil engineer from Devon, on May 22nd, 1934 at St Peter’s, Rawdon.  Father  John’s occupation at this time was given as ‘verger’.

John died on December 12th, 1950 at Hovingham Intake Lane, Rawdon.  Probate was granted to widow Mary & daughter Mary Firth (wife of Harold Firth) & his effects were £1,927.

Mary Ann of Hovingham Intake Lane, Rawdon, died on January 4th, 1956 at St James Hospital, Burmantofts, Leeds.  Administration of her estate was granted to daughter Mary Firth & her effects were £828.10s.

The children of Mary Ann Stainsby & John George Judson were:

sb.  Mary Judson christened May 30th, 1909 at St Peter’s, Rawdon, W. Yorks



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