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Robert Stainsby [sb.9]

Robert Stainsby was the ninth child of Thomas Stainsby & Elizabeth Sunley christened August 18th, 1818 at St Peter’s, Pickering, Yorks. It was noted in the church records that he was the son of Thomas, a labourer, & Betty Stainsby.

In 1841 Robert was working as a farm servant on the farm of Ann Pickering at Little Habton, Kirkby Misperton, Nr Pickering.

Robert married Elizabeth Brewer on January 17th, 1843 at Kirby Misperton, Yorks. Elizabeth was the daughter of Marmaduke & Elizabeth Brewer christened July 14th, 1822 at The Minster, Stonegrave, Yorks.

By 1851 Robert & Elizabeth were living at Westgate, Pickering where Robert was an agricultural labourer. They had 5 children by this time – Jane (8), Margaret (6), William (4), Mary (3), Ann (4 months). Living nearby in Westgate was Robert’s widowed mother Elizabeth Stainsby, aged 77 with his brother William & wife Adah & family. Jane was in fact christened Jane Brewer on October 11th, 1842 at Kirby Misperton, the daughter of Elizabeth.

By 1861 Robert & Elizabeth had moved to Fryton, Yorks where they were living at the ‘Gate House & private dwelling’. A note in the margin of the census states ‘on the Thirsk & Malton branch of the N.E.R’. Robert was now a plate layer & only Ann of the previous children was still at home. They had 6 new arrivals – Thomas (9), Elizabeth (7), Henry (6), Robert (4), John (2) & Joseph (1). A modern bungalow now stands on the site of the Gate House, next to the site of the railway line, of which only a cinder track remains following line closure in the 1950/60s.

The GateHouse, Fryton -2006. The house name plate echoes the history of the property.

In 1871 Robert, a railway plate layer, & Elizabeth were still living at the Gate House, Fryton with children Elizabeth, Henry, Joseph & 3 more daughters were listed – Susanna (8), Cecilia (6) & Louisa (4). However Louisa was probably the illigitimate child of Robert’s daughter Margaret, as there is a christening recorded for Louisa Stainsby, daughter of Margaret Stainsby (no father) on August 23rd, 1874 at Hovingham, Yorks.

They were still living at the Gate House in 1881 & Robert’s occupation was unchanged. Children at home were Susannah, Henry, Louisa (now described as granddaughter) & a grandson Edward Stainsby, aged 1. This was probably the illigitimate son of Susannah as there is a christening recorded for Edward Stainsby, son of Susannah Stainsby (no father) on August 26th, 1879 at Hovingham, Yorks. They also had a nurse child, Fred Smith, aged 3.

Robert died on May 20th, 1886, aged 67, at Fryton.  His will was proved on June 24th, 1886 at York by widow Elizabeth  & son Henry, a labourer.  Robert’s effects amounted to £252.

Widow Elizabeth was still living at the Gate House, Fryton in 1891 & was described as gate keeper. With her were children Henry, Cecilia, a waiting maid, & grandson Edward Stainsby & granddaughter Annie Humphrey (6), daughter of Susannah & her husband William Humphrey, born at Slingsby, Yorks.

Elizabeth died at the Gate House, Fryton in 1892, aged 67, & was buried on April 20th, 1892 at Hovingham, N. Yorks.

The children of Robert Stainsby & Elizabeth Brewer were:

sb.9.1 Jane (Brewer) Stainsby born at Great Barugh & christened October 11th, 1842 at Kirby Misperton, Yorks; died June 24th, 1879, & buried at All Saints Church, Hovingham, Yorks
sb.9.2 Margaret Stainsby born April-June 1844 at Brawby, Yorks; died July 24th, 1918 at 4 Trelawn Terr, Headingley, Leeds
sb.9.3 William Stainsby christened May 24th, 1846 at Pickering, Yorks; died December 30th, 1936 at Hovingham
sb.9.4 Mary Stainsby christened April 21st, 1848 at Goathland, Nr Whitby, Yorks; buried July 25th, 1901 at Linthorpe Cemetery, Middlesbrough
sb.9.5 Ann Stainsby born at Appleton-le-Street, & christened December 29th, 1850 at Pickering, Yorks
sb.9.6 Thomas Brewer Stainsby born July-September 1852 at Pickering & christened October 12th, 1862 at Hovingham, buried April 19th, 1885 at Hovingham
sb.9.7 Elizabeth Stainsby born Jan-March 1854 at Pickering, Yorks; died April 2nd, 1917 at 4 Trelawn Terr, Headingley, Leeds
sb.9.8 Henry Stainsby born Jan-March 1856 at Fryton, Nr Malton, & christened October 12th 1862 at Hovingham,Yorks, buried March 30th, 1900 at Hovingham
sb.9.9 Robert Stainsby born May 5th, 1857 at Fryton, Nr Malton, Yorks; died Oct-December 1940 at Rotherham
sb.9.10 John Stainsby born Oct-December 1858 at Fryton, Nr Malton, Yorks; died April-June 1896 at Hereford
sb.9.11 Joseph Stainsby born Jan-March 1860 at Fryton, Nr Malton, Yorks; buried January 7th, 1922 at Helmsley
sb.9.12 Susannah Stainsby born July-September 1862 at Fryton, Nr Malton, & christened October 12th, 1862 at Hovingham, Yorks; died 1998 at Malton
sb.9.13 Cecilia Stainsby born Oct-December 1864 at Fryton, Nr Malton, Yorks; died April 18th, 1939 at 4 Trelawn Terr, Headingley, Leeds


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